Als er toch eens een gastenboek in de boerderij van de gastvrije familie Strookappe in Harfsen had gelegen, dan had die ongetwijfeld door vele mensen met leuke anekdotes zijn volgeschreven. Helaas was die er niet en doen we het hier op de website met de herinneringen van mensen die er ooit woonden of waren. Anno 2015 dan maar een gastenboek op deze website. Deze was al aangemaakt in 2007 maar helaas zijn alle berichten digitaal verloren gegaan. Zou leuk zijn als je (opnieuw) iets wil schrijven in het gastenboek. Voor aanbevelingen gaarne contact met me opnemen. Uiteraard is iedereen, familie of geen familie, welkom iets te schrijven. Ben je een Stro(o)kap(pe) of familie, stel je dan even kort voor zodat we weten waar je ergens in de boom zit. En heb je nog herinneringen over de ouwe tijd, deel ze dan! Dus volg het voorbeeld van Hendrik Jan en Heintje en zet een krabbel. Klik op de afbeelding hieronder om naar het gastenboek te gaan. Alvast bedankt!
Strookappe gastenboek


Strookappe is a Dutch name but is used in foreign countries as well. Reason for this is that some Strookappe men decided to leave Holland and to emigrate to countries like Canada and New Zealand. This page is for all the Strookappes living abroad and unable to read the website as it is written in Dutch. I realize that Strewcap is not the correct translation for Strookappe what should be Strawroof, but Strewcap is more or less the way Strookappe is pronounced abroad, that's why I picked this title. Anyway, this page gives you the main information regarding the Strookappe family by mentioning the highlights of the following pages:
As welcome everyone was with the Strookappe family in Harfsen, as welcome you are at this website! This website shows the roots of the Strookappe family and name in Holten and their development in Harfsen. The picture is of the old farm in Harfsen which is named Erve Strookappe after the original home Erve Strokappe in Holten. In reality the farm however had no name, but it suits the Harfsen Strookappe home fine, don't you agree? There is special attention for the family of Hendrik Jan Strookappe who were all born and raised at this place in Harfsen.
The family tree of the Strookappe goes back to the 18th century when with Willem Strokappe the family name was raised. All public certificates of persons named Strookappe, Strokappe and Strokap could be included in this single family tree and therefore it's likely that now everyone alive having one of these surnames will find his or her ancestors back in this family tree. Check out yourself! There are two major boughs: one from Albert which moves to Rijssen and one from Jan which moves to Harfsen. We will concentrate on this last one.

This is the place where the history of the Strookappe family starts. First there was this house called Erve (which is a name for a house with a yard and often is a farm) Strokappe which got its name from its roof which was made of straw. This farm was built in 1749. In that time people could take pick their surname and Willem decided to use the Strokappe name as his surname. His original name was Lavarne! He had a daughter called Jenneken who married Harmen and they had seven children. One son was called Albert and he is the ancestor of the Strookappe family which moved first to Bathmen and later to Rijssen. The oldest daughter of Harmen was Aaltjen and she married Willem Janzen, later named Strokappe and eventually named Pot. She died young and Willem remarried with Geesken Kwintenberg who is already a single mother of a 4-year old girl called Hendrina. Hendrina moved with her mother to Erve Strokappe, got the familyname Strokappe and is the first person who is blood related to the Strookappe family in Harfsen as it is her son Jan who moved in 1835 from Holten to Harfsen. The father of Jan is unknown and this is why he is named after his mothers surname. As Hendrina is not blood related to Willem, the Strookappe family in Harfsen is not blood related to the forenamed persons, but obviously is family related. But by accident both Aaltjen Strokappe and Geesken Kwintenberg are both related to the first person in line, Hendrik Willems Lavarne so in the end there is also a blood relation! Erve Strokappe was pulled down in 1892, but the Strookappe family was long gone.

Jan Strokappe and his wife Fenneken Achterkamp moved to Harfsen and got nine children of who six grew up and got married. They are Jan, Jan Albert, Gerrit Jan, Janna, Hendrik Jan and Egbert. Jan Albert, Janna and Egbert moved to Deventer, Gerrit Jan moved to Raalte and finally Jan and Hendrik Jan stayed in Harfsen and it is Hendrik Jan who stayed at Erve Strookappe and started to be a farmer. This page tells the story of all children and their children and grandchildren except for Hendrik Jan for who the special Hendrik Jan page is created as there is so much to tell. A lot of names of places have been mentioned so far and probably no one abroad knows where these cities are situated so the picture herewith might be useful. Harfsen is in the province Gelderland and all the other places are in the province Overijssel. Distance from Holten to Harfsen is just 15 km.
Hendrik Jan
Hendrik Jan senior was born in 1853 and married Hendrika Muil. They got six children and just three grew up: Jan, Albert and Hendrik Jan. Son Hendrik Jan was born in 1890 and married two women: Jantje Smale and Heintje Stoelhorst. The first gave birth to three children and the second was the mother of twelve children which makes Hendrik Jan the father of fifteen children! He is therefore the main person of not only this page but also of the entire website! He lived all his life at Erve Strookappe and was all this time a farmer. He is moreover the grandfather of most of the people I know of living abroad! His children are mentioned on the Kinders (children) page.
The page of Hendrik Jans 15 children: Hendrika, Gerrit, Hendrik Jan (emigrated to Canada in 1953), Hendrika, Evert Johan, Jan (emigrated to New Zealand also in 1953), Hendrik Gerrit, Alberta, Gerritdina, Hendrika Johanna, Heintje, Hein, Egbert, Frederik Gerrit and Heintje.

The family Strookappe lived in Harfsen since 1835. First they rented a part of a farm called "Kleine Koekkoek". In 1844 they moved to the Emsbroekweg where they lived in a small house on a location opposite of the place where the Strookappe farm was built in 1865. Since then there has been a lot of farmers activities. There were cows, chicken, pigs and sheep and the family cultivated potatos and rye.

The name was originally officially written as Strokappe with a single O, but in Harfsen the name eventually has changed to Strookappe with double O. Main reason for this was that Hendrik Jans birth certificate in 1890 mentioned Strookappe as official name. Hendrik Jan senior has always written his name as Strokappe and also named his oldest sons Jan and Albert accordingly but for some reason changed his mind when Hendrik Jan was born. The oldest brother of Hendrik Jan, Jan, used the Strookappe name for a longer time (although he was born as Strokappe like Hendrik Jan) and after the death of father Jan in 1887 apparently Hendrik Jan decided to follow his oldest brother now that his father was not there anymore.
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